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Hazel Platt

Hazel Platt, assistant, administrator, artist, illiustrator, senior artwork commissioner

Hazel has been active member of the theatre and dance community for many years. Growing up she attended Stagecoach Performing Arts school and danced and acted her way through secondary school. Things became a bit more serious when she left for Warwick University to study Classical Civilisation, but she continued with her love of dance by joining her University's Classical Modern Dance society. 

After meeting Burak Can in Turkey more than 5 years ago, he helped her  spend the next 4 years learning to Salsa and whilst she taught English Language to school children in the city of Antalya.  Upon returning to the UK she has found herself as a Senior Artwork Commissioner for Oxford Designers and Illustrators. She takes care of the administrative aspect of the Havana Dance Academy, whilst also appearing as a trusted assistant in most of the dance classes Havana Dance Academy runs.

Hazel is a testament to the fact that it's never too late to learn Salsa, and when you do, you'll love it for life!